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2 Levels Grill

  • The new generation of grills of the line "Catrine" will keep satisfied even the most demanding professionals.
  • Suitable to grill meat, fish, vegetable or any other type of food.
  • This grill is replacing in every respect the conventional charcoal or wood grill, and it is far superior!
  • It   offers: 
  1. Considerable better performance
  2. Cleanliness
  3. Practical and rapid use
  4. HIGH SAVINGS in the operation cost
  5. Excellence in taste and hygienics of the cooked food
  • IF you roast very greasy meat & your problem is that the grills you are already using are taking the fire because of  the meat's fat  then ask  for the new models Catrine- "KIM", with the revolutionary   "waved griddle"! 
  • The  models Catrine- "KIM", are a new international  patent of Visvardis SA.   On  their  revolutionary   "waved griddle", you can roast  very-very greasy meat WITHOUT  the meat  taking the fire! 
  • Entirely made in stainless steel AISI304.
  • They give taste,they roast very fast in depth without drying the meat.
  • Only the models "Catrine" have a HIGH POWER BURNER in stainless steel AISI304.  This burner gurantees the same roasting quality in all the  positions of the griddle, front & back
  • The burner protection covers are entirely made in stainless steel AISI 304 with  4mm thickness.  
  • The line '60 is produced in two levels of the same width! The functional width of each level is 18cm. 
  • The line '70 is produced with the bottom level width 28cm and the upper lever width 18cm!  
  • All the  models of  line '70, upon request  can be produced with  the wide level (28cm) at the top and the narrow level of (18cm) at the bottom. 
  • Each level functions with independent burner.
  • In each side there are separate drawers which serve as a water container and as a fat-grease collector!
  • The important advantage that the water grill gives you is that the water heated by the burners, is evaporized and this steam helps the meat to remain tender without drying.
  • The walls of the grill are double skinned with an air gap, which ensures no waste of heat and that the outer sides of the machine always remain cool to the touch.
  • Controlled by valve with safety device (thermocouple), piezoelectric automatic ignition of pilot burner.
  • Possibility to regulate the flame to maximum or minimum level.
  • With pilot placed at the front for easy access & maintenance.
  • All the models are equipped with HORIZONTAL griddle! Upon request with lava rocks or smooth plate.
  • You  can convert  from  WATER GRILL to LAVA ROCKS or to SMOOTH PLATE grill with only one move.
  • Upon request  also ELECTRIC  models.
  • Built as a table model or by request on open or closed  support.
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