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Cooker  Gas

  • New generation of cookers gas in which you can put water underneath the burners while cooking. The use of water underneath the burners ensures that  the grease & fat falls in the water and at the end of the work you achieve a fast and easy cleaning.
  • All the models are delivered with  water  outlet!
  • Upon request with water INLET.
  • Upon request all the fires with DOUBLE CROWN burner 9,5kw or all the fires with "WOK" burners 13kw. You can also make the combination of burners that you want exactly at the position that you wish.
  • All the cookers gas can be delivered  upon request  with electric oven at the bottom.
  • Completely realized in stainless steel AISI304.
  • Controlled by two position valve, with safety device (thermocouple) & pilot.
  • Possibility to regulate the flame to the maximum or minimum level.
  • The stainless steel  grids on the top allow the use of large & small pans at the same time. They also make easier the movement of big dimension pans from one fire to the other.
  • Built as a table model, or by request on open or closed support.
  • Upon request all our cookers can be produced with cast iron grids.


Oven Gas

  • Entirely made in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Temperature control by means of safety valve from 140°C - 300°C.
  • With thermocouple, pilot & centralized electric ignition.
  • Upon request all the gas ovens can be delivered with electric resistance on  the top.
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