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Snack - Fast Food

  • Ideal for keeping warm and without to dry food such as omelets, souvlaki, sausages, burger meat, chicken nuggets etc, and all the sort of different sauces for sandwiches.
  • At the bottom it has a GN 1/1 X 6,5.
  • In the medium level it has 2 gastronom each 2/3 X 6,5 which are heated by a water resistance which is placed just underneath them.
  • The last level contains 4 gastronom each 1/4 X 6,5 and is heated by the steam that is produced from the resistance of the medium level and by 4 infra-red lamps 60W each.
  • The temperature is controlled by a thermostat of 30 - 90° C.
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