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The new proposal of Visvardis SA is the new model PSG5+5 Lamb's Grill!
With a modern design, very flexible, it can be easily placed on the front side of shops, in gardens, in barbeques ect.

It gives panoramic view to the items that you roast, its small size makes it very ergonomic, and at the same time very efficient as it can roast simultaneously 10 spits of different types of meat such as lambs, chickens, ect, or it can roast simultaneously 6 spits of Lambs! With this new Lamb's grill you will achieve very high quality of roasting! It roasts very fast in depth,and with -30% of energy savings!

  • The meat stays juicy inside & crispy outside, the taste of the meat is like as if it is roasted on charcoal!
  • It works with Gas or Charcoal
  • The operator can make conversion from gas  to  charcoal with one move.
  • With  HIGH POWER BURNER in stainless steel AISI304.
  • Controlled by valve with safety device (thermocouple), piezoelectric automatic ignition of pilot burner.
  • With security tempered glasses all around.
  • With water exit tap underneath for easy cleaning
  • Attention  the lamb's  grills  that work with gas should not be placed underneath exhaust hoods with motor.
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